Contest Winners!

Thank you all so much for your support! To everyone who sent any traffic at all, we truly appreciate it!

It came down to a real horse race with many horses jockeying for position down the final stretch. Less than a body length between most horses, and Michael Cheney pulling off the win with a final blast of speed! Great job guys!

Here are the prize winners:

#1 Michael Cheney $500.00
#2 John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson $250.00
#3 Naveed Peerzade $150.00
#4 Bill Burniece $100.00
#5 Steven Alvey from Warlord Entrepreneur $75.00
#6 francis ochoco $50.00
#7 Daniel Sumner $40.00
#8 Musemancer – Edmund Loh $30.00
#9 Daniel Taylor $20.00
#10 OBMarketing $10.00

Eric will be sending those prizes in the next 24 hours, let us know if you don’t see it.

Thanks again and we’ll be in touch!

Final 48 Hours JVs! Leaderboard Shakeups!

Thank you JVs for all of your tremendous support so far of ArbiCash! As we are entering the final 48 hours of this great launch now is the PERFECT time to dive in, and start mailing! In fact, today we had a couple of MASSIVE leaderboard shakeups!

Now the top 3 is getting tighter, and even Daniel Taylor launched himself onto the board with one mailing!

Make sure you grab one of the email swipes here. We even have some urgency ones you can use towards the bottom! Simply adjust the time with your mailing! You know that the final urgency sends people over the edge!


Click Here For JVZoo’s Live Leaderboard

1st Place) John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson (Holding onto number one…barely! Michael Cheney is right behind you by a few sales!)
2nd Place) Michael Cheney (Do not let up yet, you have John and Dave squarely in your sights!)
3rd Place) Bill Burniece (Leapfrogs into position #3 and chasing Michael!)
4th Place) Naveed Peerzade (Only two sales from catching Bill!)
5th Place) Daniel Sumner (Just a handful of sales back from Naveed! In the striking distance!)
6th Place) Steven Alvey (Only two sales from Daniel and being right back in it!)
7th Place) Francis Ochoco (One more final push or two could put you in the top 5!)
8th Place) Daniel Taylor (Wow! What an effort on day #1! At this pace, you could finish in the top 4!)
9th Place) OBMarketing (Great effort! One sale from Daniel!)
10th Place) Sam and Cindy Malinowsky (Amazing! Still holding onto the top 10! Just one sale will put you back into position #8!)

Many more are just a few sales from catching up! Hit your list with the urgency of the price increase in these closing days! You will not be sorry if you mail up until the end!

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Hope to see you on the leaderboard! Thank you for your efforts!

New Leaderboard Update + Over $2 EPC!

We have a hot one here! Conversions are on the rise and we have an over $2 EPC! The upsells are really converting well! We are seeing 23.9% conversions on the $97 upsell! Plus we have retargeting in place so expect more sales to come in for you over the launch!

This product really provides a proven system for your subscribers to make money from simple to set up websites and also it comes with PLR to our best-selling course.

The leaderboard is tight all throughout! We have $1,000 in cash prizes on the line! Some more partners are jumping in every day!

Get your email swipes here.

Here are the current standings! We would love to see your name on the leaderboard!

#1 John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson
#2 Michael Cheney
#3 Naveed Peerzade
#4 Francis Ochoco
#5 Daniel Sumner
#6 Bill Burniece
#7 OBMarketing
#8 Sam & Cindy Malinowsky
#9 Terry Anglin
#10 Dennis Becker

Let us know how we can best assist you with your promotion! Still, plenty of time to jump in and win some cash prizes! The launch runs until May 13th.

Day #1 Leaderboard – Top 5 On JVZoo!

We have a hot one and this funnel is even hotter!

This offer is proving to perform for our affiliates just like we thought it would! We finished the day as the #5 top-selling product on JVZoo, and that was with us beating out some pretty stiff competition! Thank you to all the affiliates that mailed on day one, and we have commitments from many more that are starting to mail in the coming days!

The $1,000 cash contest is still wide open to anyone! We are even tweaking the sales page to maximize those conversions! We have a killer funnel in place here!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to provide your list with amazing training that includes private label rights! We launched this course previously without PLR, and had amazing results because the methods taught are proven ways to get traffic and to generate revenue through native ads arbitrage!

Grab Your Email Swipes Here

We have 15 you can use along with a link to document with angles for your promotion! Remember, if your list prefers PLR products to angle the swipes towards that for maximum conversions!

We have bonuses listed in our launch Google Doc!

View The Launch JV Doc Here

This is the current leaderboard! It is close all around! Will be fun to watch how this plays out!

1st Place: Terry Anglin
2nd Place: Sam & Cindy Malinowsky
3rd Place: Naveed Peerzade
4th Place: OBM Marketing
5th Place: Bill Burniece
6th Place: Francis Ochoco
7th Place: Dr. Amit Pareek
8th Place: Open
9th Place: Open
10th Place: Open

As you can see just one sale will get you into the top 10, but these few affiliates pushed us to the top 5 sellers on JVZoo amongst some stiff competition! The point is that if you mail this it is proven to perform!

Let us know how we can help! Thank you for your support!

Welcome JVs!

Welcome to the launch of ArbiCash!

We are thrilled about this offer because of the value it is bringing to the market. Digital arbitrage is a fun, scalable, and simple business that can create massive paydays or consistent revenues. Similar courses on this topic sold for between $1,997 and $3,000, but we are blowing this offer out! We go live at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST with ArbiCash Sunday, May 5th on Cinco De Mayo! Affiliates can compete for guaranteed cash prizes!

Click Here for your Email Swipes

$1,000 In Cash Prizes

We believe in offering guaranteed prizes to our affiliates! So we have $1,000 in cash prizes on the line! That means even if you make just one sale, and it puts you onto the top 10 leaderboards by the end of the launch, then we will still pay you a prize! 🙂 Now, of course, we don’t anticipate that happening because usually, our launches convert so well that tons of affiliates jump in and make sales.ArbiCashJVContestGraphic

Here are your prizes. You can choose between PayPal or Amazon gift card.

1st Place: $500.00
2nd Place: $250.00
3rd Place: $150.00
4th Place: $100.00
5th Place: $75.00
6th Place: $50.00
7th Place: $40.00
8th Place: $30.00
9th Place: $20.00
10th Place: $10.00

About the Product

A client recently hired Jeff to evaluate an arbitrage business he was considering buying for $300K. Instead of buying, they replicated the business model for almost nothing and grew from $10K net profit in the first month to $28K net profit in the 4th month.

The Entire System Is Laid Out…

ArbiCash is that entire system from start to finish, laid out in a 62-page ebook that will take your referred customers by the hand to quickly get their arbitrage business started!

Native ads are now one of the biggest growth areas for traffic acquisition. Almost all big name publishers use native ads now for monetization: Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, Washington Post, ESPN, etc.

Big brands understand “banner ad blindness” and are turning to native ads that look like articles to promote their brands and products.

You Can Scale Quickly!

This ArbiCash system is very fast because you can scale up quickly by simply increasing campaign budgets.

Websites are easy to create: No complex shopping carts, no onsite/offsite SEO, no membership software – just simple content and ads.

PLR Now Included

We have launched this course on JVZoo and Clickbank before with amazing results! We just updated the course for 2019, and we are selling the PLR

Here are a few things covered inside the ArbiCash course:

– How native ads are changing the advertising game.
– How to drive a huge number of page views from a single visitor
– Best ad placement for maximum earnings
– Which themes and plugins are needed for an arb site and where to find them
– How to maximize click-through rate on ads
– Where to find winning content ideas based on real performance data
– Most effective sources for article content ideas
– How to create the most effective article titles
– How to maximize the click-through rate on ads
– Getting the settings right for profitable campaigns
– Learn the best devices and geographies to target
– How to get your ad campaigns accepted by the reviewers
– 3 ways to scale up your arbitrage business
– Biggest risks and how to avoid them
– How to track profits and campaign performance
– 8 ways to optimize profitability
– Learn exactly where your ads are being shown

As you can see this is a high-value offer with a huge upside for your customers! Grab one of our email swipes and start pushing this!