Win Your Share of $1,000 $1225 In Cash Prizes

The JV Contest with guaranteed cash payouts will run for the duration of the 8-day firesale: May 5th to May 13th. Needless to say, there is going to be a massive amount of urgency, and it’s going to convert like crazy. Grab Your Email Swipes and Start Promoting This Killer Offer



There is NO minimum prize level. We will be awarding all of the prizes, regardless of how many sales you make. We will count the contest based on the number of overall sales! We are awarding prizes 10 levels deep so everyone has a great chance at cashing in!

Here are your prizes. You can choose between PayPal or Amazon gift card.

1st Place: $500.00
2nd Place: $250.00
3rd Place: $150.00
4th Place: $100.00
5th Place: $75.00
6th Place: $50.00
7th Place: $40.00
8th Place: $30.00
9th Place: $20.00
10th Place: $10.00